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Principal's Message

Faith-based or Public? What educational environment best suits your child?

Kids spend more hours in school than at home. When you think about that reality as a parent or guardian, you realize that choosing a school for your child is a tough decision. The staff, the students, and the environment in a school will influence your child in some way - positively or negatively. As a parent/guardian, you have important educational choices to make. I believe that our school, Mount Vernon SDA Elementary (MVE), is a great school to consider as an option when you choose where to send your student. 

The teachers and administrators of MVE strive to create Christ-centered experiences for our students every day. Our most important goals are to grow our students’ love for Jesus as their best friend and develop life-changing friendships with adults and students - vital relationships that impact behavior for good. Our MVE staff also believes that it is important to create a school culture that encourages academic growth and high expectations for all students. Creating and measuring health / fitness objectives are also goal for a part of helping our students develop healthy bodies and self-confidence. Our school is committed to helping your student grow in all of these areas - their body, mind, and spirit. 

Thank you for visiting our website. We welcome your comments and suggestions to improve our online presence and we hope to meet and see you in person for a visit!

God bless, 

Kim Myers, M.A.

Our Mission

Our school endeavors to create Christ-centered experiences for our students to grow in their love for Jesus, to expand their abilities in developing loving friendships, to strive for academic excellence, to improve their characters, and develop healthy bodies. 

Our Philosophy of Education 

Seventh-day Adventist Christian education places Jesus Christ in the center of each student’s education. We believe that a child is best educated when every subject is taught as it relates to God. Modern education commonly focuses on the achievements of people, not God, and is not focused on Christian values. We believe that biblical faith and understanding should be the basis for classroom learning and should be taught by teachers that believe God knows all, is above all, and is the Creator of everything.    

The Bible teach us that we are all created in the image of God (Genesis 1:27). For this reason, the primary purpose of MVE is to holistically develop a student’s spiritual, mental, and physical abilities. We exist to provide a quality education in an environment that trains students to become innovative thinkers, creative problem solvers, and inspired learners who love God and are preparing to serve Him by serving others.  

The object of education at MVE is to develop these abilities in our students so that they will think and act as Christ-centered individuals, not just reflectors of someone else’s thoughts and actions.  

We value our Christian environment and recognize that it must be protected and nurtured in order to achieve our goals. Accordingly, we select and welcome students and staff who thrive in a family where trust is fairly and safely embedded in love and friendships.